Road-rage killer poses with Elvis impersonator as he enjoys freedom at pub

Road-rage killer Kenneth Noye is enjoying his freedom as he poses with an Elvis impersonator at a pub.

This snap of the 73-year-old gangster was in a collection of pictures posted online.

Noye, jailed for life in 2000 for the 1996 stabbing of Stephen Cameron, 21, on an M25 slip road, near Swanley, Kent, was freed in June 2019.

The Daily Mirror revealed he has been seeing a younger woman.

He has spent evenings at her four-bedroom home and been driving a £25,000 4×4.

Noye has also served time for handling stolen goods from the Brink’s-Mat gold bullion heist.

Mr Cameron’s dad Ken has said Noye was “laughing in the face of justice”.

Det Supt Nick Biddiss, who led the hunt for Noye, added: “It doesn’t surprise me that Noye is now enjoying life and probably the fruits of his ill-gotten gains.”